Saturday, November 22, 2008


Is my very least favorite season. I HATE being cold. When it gets below 65 degrees I am cold. There's just nothing I like to do outside when it is cold. I have yet to figure out why anyone wants to put sticks on their feet and slide down ice/snow. And yes I've been snow skiing hurt and now I have arthritis in my knee because of the nasty fall I took on that trip.
And yes snow is very pretty but the problem is two-fold....ONE: our area doesn't usually get snow. We live in the part of the country that gets cold enough to snow but then it warms up enough in the daytime to melt it all...then it freezes at night again. Never fun. And TWO: I have to be at work no matter what the weather. We don't get to claim inclement weather. Now I do have the option of getting the Highway Patrol (being married to a Trooper helps!) or the Sheriff's department to take me to work. I do that alot when the weather is nasty. I'm not about to try to drive in that mess and risk wrecking my car.
I can't work out in the yard which I enjoy because it is just too cold. Even taking the dogs out is awful.
So...I just thought I would let you know that my mood during the winter isn't usually the best. Come on summer!!!


jen said...

YES you can use the list! Please do!! It definetely makes you stop and think, huh? Thanks for great idea for Blake. That got me thinking about some fun things we can do for him.