Thursday, October 30, 2008

Slow Down

That is what needs to happen in my life. Nothing gets done and a thousand things need to be done.

We did finish putting primer on the kitchen walls. We painted one of the walls. We are painting the kitchen yellow and red. Three walls yellow and one wall red. Red is a very LOUD color. It is very telling....we had to sand again after the first coat because you could see what was missed. We need to do one more coat. I think it is looking nice. After we finish that wall we can put our countertop in and replace our sink so we will have water in the kitchen again.

Oh and our hot water heater died this week. is a trip now. Just ready to be done with it all.

Work is okay. We have more new Magistrates which just makes the day long because I am constantly answering questions. I have to train another one (kinda tired of doing that but it should help me get reappointed at the end of the year).

Today is my "Friday" and I'm off for 4 days. Hopefully I'll get alot done in the house! Pictures are coming again soon.

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remodeling update

Well there isn't much to update. Brian went to Morocco at the beginning of October. I went to Texas and Oklahoma at the beginning of October. Scott came home from Iraq for a visit at the beginning of October. So...nothing got done in the house during that time. We have decided to finish the work ourselves. We got tired of waiting for the contractors to do what they should have finished a month ago. Some of the stuff they did is jacked up too so we are fixing that. My goal this week and next is to get the sunroom and kitchen ready to paint. We have to finish caulking and sanding and then clean up so we can paint. I am off work for 10 days straight in the middle of the month...that is when I plan to paint (pray for NO RAIN...can't paint when it rains!). Pray for patience to deal with all this mess still all over my house! Pray I get this finished before Thanksgiving and can start straightening my attic. I really want to decorate my house for Christmas .... I LOVE to decorate at Christmas but right now I have no living room nor can I even get to my decorations in my attic. Soooo....that is where we stand. It will all be over soon I hope!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Music Builds Tour San Antonio

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Music Builds Tour Houston

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Builds Tour Dallas

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Music Builds Tour OKC

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let the madness....FUN....begin

I am almost finished packing. I leave at 6am headed to Dallas!!! I am going to be on the go for 5 days straight. Four Third Day shows in four days. Yep...lost my mind....going to Texas/Oklahoma to find it.

Stay tuned....