Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God's plan not Wendy's!

Yesterday (April 14) we packed up the car and headed to the airport to leave for our trip. We got through security just fine and waited to board the plane. We taxied to the runway and then were told that we had to wait. Storms in New York were so bad that we couldn't take off to get there. We were told we would wait an hour. After that the pilot told us that New York was now over 2 hours behind in landing order so we had to go back to the airport and get off the plane. We realized that we would not make our connection in New York. So once off the plane we got in line to talk to the agent and make new plans. This ended up taking another 2 hours (I could NOT work at the airport!).

While doing all this we met a couple and their friend who were traveling to the same place we are (some of you know where but for this blog update I will not be saying specifics). The wife was in a wheelchair and has cancer. Before we left to come home Brian asked if we could pray for her. We circled around her and prayed for healing in Jesus' name. Can I just tell how humbled I felt at that moment. About 30 minutes before that I was upset because our 11 day trip was now going to be cut to 6 days and then God smacked me up side the head. He let me see that He is TOTALLY in control of my plans whether I know realize it or not. You see...our trip was supposed to be Monday April 13 to April 23. Two weeks ago Delta called us to let us know that the 2nd leg of our trip was cancelled so we could either get a refund or change our fly out date. So two weeks ago God changed the day to Tuesday April 14th. Then we get delayed in Raleigh and met people from the country we are traveling to (we would not have talked unless stuck)and then we get to pray for them. We have been invited to their house once we are in country.

So...tomorrow we start ...wait the trip has already started. We go back to the airport and see what God has in store for us. Please pray for us to be obedient in whatever happens. Pray that I will keep my critical spirit at home (or actually get rid of it totally!).

I will update this if possible. There is internet access just not sure if I'll get to be on it much. We come back the 25th so we did get to add 2 more days to our trip which is great.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. We need them!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is a few days late but it is still sweet to me!!!

I will let pictures tell the story!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

THIRD DAY on the third day & thing to do #29

I wrote this blog before Mark Lee told us to post something humerous about Third Day. There are WAY too many of those times to pick I'll just give you this and refer you HERE to see other Third Day related blog entries.

On April 1st I went with Joanne to Fayetteville NC. The goal: the see my 40th Third Day concert! I'm not even close to some of my friends (Corrine, Jamie, Traci-I know they have seen over 50 shows!) but hey it is my milestone! I've been going to Third Day concerts since 1995 (does that at least count for longevity?) would be hard to pick my favorite shows but this one would be in the top 5!!! We had front row seats in front of Mark Lee so my pictures are a Mark Lee "love" fest. I did actually get some good pictures of Scotty (he is hard to get most of the time). Tai and David were difficult. I got Mac but the side of his face mostly. He didn't venture to our side often (we picked on him at the Meet and Greet about it). I think it is because he is left handed (so am I) so he tends to go to his left while on stage. No matter...great show!

The show started with "This is who I am". I haven't heard this song at all since the Dallas Texas show-I've missed it! It is just a fun song. I don't remember the order of the songs but here is what was played:
This is Who I am
Call My Name
Got a feeling
Cry out to Jesus
King of Glory
God of Wonders
Consuming Fire
Run to You
Slow Down
*Acoustic Set*
I will always love you
Sky Falls Down
Love Song

Very nice mix of Old School and new! I think the guys were having a great time!!

Speaking of my 40th show. We went to the Meet & Greet before the show. I told Mac and David it was my 40th show. Mac asked if I had any request and of course I said "Give". It is my favorite song period! Well during the acoustic set Mac took requests. They played "Sky Falls Down" then asked if there was another song. David saw me and pointed at me. Mac told me that "he didn't know the words". He turned around to face me and told me I could mouth the words to him. We (the band and I) told Mac that David knew the words and ....David Carr sang the song!!!

Mark Lee also helped Mac sing "Sky Falls Down" during the acoustic set. It was a great time!

Well the real reason you came here...onto my pictures.

Before the show Meet and Greet (very quick but I got my poster signed finally!)

Mac comes out to sing with Revive

This is the greatest picture of a cymbal EVA!!!!

One of MANY MANY of Mark Lee!

I finally got some decent pictures of Scotty!

Where's David Carr?
"Here I am" -David Carr

"I'm hiding again" -David Carr

This is from the back of the coliseum...I thought the screen was cool.

I know this is blurry but I love the look on David's face.

God of Wonders

I got VERY VERY few pics of Tai.
"Call my name" I LOVE to hear Mac see this song live!

Can you say...BAD MIKE STAND!!!

"If you had any fun here tonight it was because of Mark Lee"

The show always ends WAY TOO SOON!