Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The winner of my fabulous contest is....


Now wasn't that exciting???

Friday, January 9, 2009

Please pray

I would like to ask you to pray for Mark Lamberth's family. Mark was in a dirt bike accident on December 12th and yesterday Mark went to be with the Lord. I don't know Mark or his wife (Angie) or son (Nolan) but I have read about them on a couple of the blogs I frequent. You can go to their website here.

His family needs your prayers. I love what Stacy wrote. She said that
As wife and mother I cannot fathom Angie and Nolan's pain. Angie has said she already feels so lonely. Some might say, "All we can do is pray." But, friends, that strips the Lord of His power. We get to pray, and in that we get to experience Him and commune with Him as we lift up this precious family.

We GET to pray...yeah we forget that the One we pray to has ALL the power and prayer does matter to Him and prayers are answered.

The body of Christ should lift up Mark's family in prayer. Hope you will stop what you are doing NOW and pray.

Sad day

Yesterday was a very sad day in my life. I rounded the corner approaching my house and saw my dog Scout lying in the ditch. I just knew she had been hit and killed. I flew in the driveway and ran to her. She was still warm so I knew it had to have happened recently but she had already passed away. My heart was (is) broken. She never went in the road so I don't know what caused her to do so. There were skid marks near where she laid so I know they tried to miss her. I called Brian and he turned around to come home. Brian just cried his heart out when he got home. Scout was Brian's baby. He brought her home 11 years ago from Fort Bragg. He was doing his National Guard weekend and found her in the woods. She loved her Brian now. Just a very sad day. We buried her next to Alex (my Australian Shepherd who died a year ago tomorrow). My other 3 dogs have looked for her all day. Gosh I'm gonna miss her.

I have some of the greatest friends ever though. I've gotten text messages, phone calls, emails, visits and dinner from my dear friends. Thanks if you are one of the those people.

Here she is...

Third Day on the 3rd, 8th, um 9th

Well the 3rd is supposed to be Third Day day which was overlooked by Mark Lee this month ;). So he has asked us to post on the 8th but I'm at work and it is now the 9th....

Don't know what to write so I'm going to do a contest. In the comments section leave me your dream set list at a Third Day show. Make it 12 songs with 2 encore songs. Just curious as to what people would love to hear. Pick ANY Third matter if they would never in a million years actually play it. I will randomly pick a comment (using some randomizer that I found) to pick a winner. Your prize....I have extra Revelation CD's and an extra Christmas CD. You can choose which one you want. If you have both then I'll find some pocket lint or something to send you :).

I will stop this contest on Tuesday January 13 because I will be out of town this weekend. Gives you lots of time to think and post.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My kitchen is done! Okay well we have a few touch up paint spots and we are done. Here are the pictures.

Fridge side

Eating side with view of sliding glass door

Right side of eating area

Left side of eating area

Eating area with curtains closed

Sink side (left)
Stove side
Left corner
Right fridge side
Left fridge side
Left side counter top

This used to be unused space. There was not

enough room to put a door so we hung curtains.

Soda crates with key holder
More soda crates
Seat cushions

Table decorations
I don't want anything on the fridge so I put a corkboard

and stick on chalk board on the side of the cabinet.

Storage on side of stove

These are pictures of the living room. I think this is the next room we are planning to paint.

New bay window. As you can see there is no sheetrock on either side of window. This needs to be sanded and then we can repaint. We are going to go with a lighter shade of beige.

We bought a slip cover for the couch.
This used to be a window before we built the bedroom on in the late 90's. We plan to put mirrors up behind each shelf. The items on the shelves are from different countries we have traveled to or Scott has traveled to...there are more but they are packed up somewhere in the chaos.

So we will start a new project soon. Oh joy...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things to do percentage

So I started my 101 things to do in 1001 days in May. I have until January 2011 to finish the list. I accomplished 14 things. I have done 13% of my list. Not too bad I think. Time to start trying to accomplish more.

I tried the watch the meteor shower Saturday morning to get that one done but we had some of the thickest fog ever so yeah....not my fault because I actually got up at 3am to see the show. Went outside and realized I couldn't see anything so I went back to bed.

So those of you that are doing well did you do?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Give me a break

Well it is always a good idea to try to save money but of course this seems to be on everyone's mind these days. I've been reading about people saving $100's with coupons, freebies and such. I've never been much of a coupon clipper (I only clip what I buy but I don't go searching all over for coupons). I decided to try to save money and start looking for coupons. I spent over an hour last week online going to different sites to finally find 5 yes FIVE coupons I would use at the grocery store. I used them but was told at first that they might not be honored (I was at Walmart). The reason being is that people are printing bogus coupons at home so the retailer can't get their money back from the manufacturer. They let me use them but I was ticked that I spent so much time online and quite possibly will one day be told I can't use them. Well I joined a few sites and very intelligently made a new email account to send the stuff to...I went to the account today (I joined on December 31ST) and I had 5 emails and 448 spam emails!!!! I unsubscribed to every one of those sites.

So...give me a break. I don't have the time, the patience or the desire to obviously do what it takes to save lots of money. I believe these women I read about have NO life and can just sit on their computer all day.

Has anyone found a decent site to get freebies or coupons that the stores will take (btw...Rite Aid will not take any computer printed coupons). Oh I forgot..the freebie sites want your life history and then they want you to subscribe to crap you don't care about....not free in my opinion.

So I'll get off my soapbox now. Guess I'll just have to quit eating so much to lower my grocery bill!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New year, new look....

Purple Year
MySpace Graphics & Free Myspace Layouts

I hope 2009 is a fabulous year for everyone reading this blog! May you be blessed!! Thanks for reading!