Friday, January 9, 2009

Please pray

I would like to ask you to pray for Mark Lamberth's family. Mark was in a dirt bike accident on December 12th and yesterday Mark went to be with the Lord. I don't know Mark or his wife (Angie) or son (Nolan) but I have read about them on a couple of the blogs I frequent. You can go to their website here.

His family needs your prayers. I love what Stacy wrote. She said that
As wife and mother I cannot fathom Angie and Nolan's pain. Angie has said she already feels so lonely. Some might say, "All we can do is pray." But, friends, that strips the Lord of His power. We get to pray, and in that we get to experience Him and commune with Him as we lift up this precious family.

We GET to pray...yeah we forget that the One we pray to has ALL the power and prayer does matter to Him and prayers are answered.

The body of Christ should lift up Mark's family in prayer. Hope you will stop what you are doing NOW and pray.


Voice On The Wind said...

Amen! So many forget how much POWER there is in prayer - for we are literally instructing Angels and spiritual events that are beyond our understanding. With faith, when we speak the words BE HEALED, it shall be, just as when the Father said Let There Be Light.

Praying for this family right now. I cannot fathom their desperation. My world would crumble without my husband and I know my boys' lives would be utterly destroyed.
Tragic events like this make us grateful for what we do have.

God bless you for putting out the call to pray.