Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad day

Yesterday was a very sad day in my life. I rounded the corner approaching my house and saw my dog Scout lying in the ditch. I just knew she had been hit and killed. I flew in the driveway and ran to her. She was still warm so I knew it had to have happened recently but she had already passed away. My heart was (is) broken. She never went in the road so I don't know what caused her to do so. There were skid marks near where she laid so I know they tried to miss her. I called Brian and he turned around to come home. Brian just cried his heart out when he got home. Scout was Brian's baby. He brought her home 11 years ago from Fort Bragg. He was doing his National Guard weekend and found her in the woods. She loved her Brian now. Just a very sad day. We buried her next to Alex (my Australian Shepherd who died a year ago tomorrow). My other 3 dogs have looked for her all day. Gosh I'm gonna miss her.

I have some of the greatest friends ever though. I've gotten text messages, phone calls, emails, visits and dinner from my dear friends. Thanks if you are one of the those people.

Here she is...


Voice On The Wind said...

Just saw this.
I sure wish I could give you a BIG hug.
I do understand your heartbreak. We lost our cat Jordan, gosh 3-4 years back, when I was pregnant with Caleb. I tell you, it felt like I had lost a child. I was beside myself with grief. Little Elijah was distraught.
It was almost a year later when I stopped thinking I could hear him or see him in the corner of my eye.

Poor little guy didnt take well to our move and had a 'breakdown' as the Vet called it. We had to put him down. I will never forget that day, seeing 3 year old Elijah say 'goodbye' to his pet.
Ugh I am crying at the memory.

God bless you and your Hubby. I pray that the Lord relieves your pain and restores to you what you have lost.

jen said...

oh sweetie, big hugs. That is aweful and so sad :(

I saw your comment about Scott coming home! How awesome is that!!! Blake is doing well. Just very sick of the cold and the snow (he's in Germany!) I think the "fun" has worn off!

We're in our new house and FINALLY have the internet back up and going. OK, I was only without internet for 4 days but felt like months :) Things are starting to somewhat calm down now (knockin' on wood!!!) so I hope to "be around" more.

Hugs, jen

Nocturnal Queen said...

Oh my gosh, how incredibly sad. :-( I know it happened a couple months ago, but my heart goes out to you. I had a dog (yellow lab) get hit by a school bus when I was 10. Ugh. It was awful.

The last pet I lost was a cat in '02. Broke my heart. I loved that cat.

We now have three cats and a toy poodle. I know someday they'll pass away, but I try not to think about that too much. I can't imagine even one of them no longer being here with us. Even our evil black cat, Sadie. lol Yeah she's evil, but she loves her Mommy.