Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My kitchen is done! Okay well we have a few touch up paint spots and we are done. Here are the pictures.

Fridge side

Eating side with view of sliding glass door

Right side of eating area

Left side of eating area

Eating area with curtains closed

Sink side (left)
Stove side
Left corner
Right fridge side
Left fridge side
Left side counter top

This used to be unused space. There was not

enough room to put a door so we hung curtains.

Soda crates with key holder
More soda crates
Seat cushions

Table decorations
I don't want anything on the fridge so I put a corkboard

and stick on chalk board on the side of the cabinet.

Storage on side of stove

These are pictures of the living room. I think this is the next room we are planning to paint.

New bay window. As you can see there is no sheetrock on either side of window. This needs to be sanded and then we can repaint. We are going to go with a lighter shade of beige.

We bought a slip cover for the couch.
This used to be a window before we built the bedroom on in the late 90's. We plan to put mirrors up behind each shelf. The items on the shelves are from different countries we have traveled to or Scott has traveled to...there are more but they are packed up somewhere in the chaos.

So we will start a new project soon. Oh joy...


Voice On The Wind said...

Well done!
I love all the Coke and Pepsi stuff. Thats so cool!
I rent, so I cant do up my house...however we have just put some new furniture in Elijah's room. I will have to make a post tomorrow. Just made one now to do with our Fish...
Hope you are doing GREAT!

Retro Jen said...

Congratulations! Your kitchen looks AWESOME! The cabinets look like they turned out wonderfully. Enjoy it!

kodiacbear said...

LOVE IT!! can't wait to see in for real!

jen said...

I LOVE your kitchen and the table is fabulous!! You did a really great job :)