Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thing to do #46

This is my "recycle more than I do" thing to do. Brian and I have recycled for years. I've been wanting to do more. We have to take the recycling to the dump because it is not picked up by the county. We finally bought some big trash cans and are now recycling most of what we use. I haven't jumped on the whole GREEN thing but I do believe we can recycle quite easily and we should do it.

Here is an interesting article about recycling.

In the USA, people throw away at least 162 tons of garbage a year. It would fill 1000 football fields piled thirty stories high. Each American throws away 4-6 pounds of trash each day. Landfill trash is covered with dirt. Ten percent of America's trash is being recycled. If families recycled things like paper, glass, and aluminum cans, and other things that are in their garbage, trash would be reduced by 25%.