Thursday, November 20, 2008

24 IS BACK!!!!

I watched very very little tv. If Brian is home it is usually on the cartoon channel. We deal with so much junk at work that we like to veg to animated shows that require no brain power. I don't sit down much to watch tv and if I do it usually enjoys a ball of some kind (football, basketball, etc). But there is one show that I have watched since the first episode and I can't miss it! That would be 24....and boy have I missed it. Well this Sunday (November 23) I get 2 whole hours of Jack Bauer!!! Dude I can hardly wait! Season 7 starts Jan 11th and 12th....4 hours of Jack! WHOO HOO!!! I love their website...they have a countdown to Sunday!

Any Jack Bauer nuts out there???