Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On His Throne

Well today is the day we have all been looking forward to in one way or another. One: to finally vote (if you haven't already) and change the current powers in Washington DC or two: just to finally quit seeing all the ads on TV, radio, the side of the road, my telephone!

Many approach this day with anxiety and doubt and dread. I will be honest here. I don't care for either presidential candidate really. I don't particularly like my choice for governor in NC either. The judges running for office in my area aren't totally in line with my views either. Sooooo....with all that said I did vote so now I can complain!!!

Seriously though, I am sooooo glad to know that God is still on His throne today. He didn't get up and take a break. He knows exactly who is going to win each office and He is not shocked or worried. That is where my comfort comes from...knowing that and that alone.

Lord I come to You today to ask for peace. Whatever the outcome of the elections I know that You are in control of all. You will take care of me. You have my best interest at heart no matter what this world throws at me. I will not fear the unknown. I will put my trust and faith in You. I will be a positive light in this dark world. I will let others know where my peace and confidence come from...which is You. Thank You in advance for calming any fears, anxieties or worries that creep into my mind and heart. Amen