Monday, November 3, 2008

It's that time....

of the know...Third Day on the third day of the month....

So what really cool Third Day related blog shall I write?

I think I will "borrow" an idea from Traci....

Third Day adventures by the numbers:
13: number of years I've been a Third Day fan
37: number of times I've seen Third Day in concert
10: number of states in which I've seen Third Day
17: number of official Third Day merchandise shirts
3: number of unofficial Third Day shirts
3: number of official Third Day jackets
1,423: number of miles I flew to do my 4-fer Music Builds Tour weekend (one way..not round trip)
1,289: number of miles that Jamie, me and Lori traveled on the road during our 4-fer Music Builds Tour weekend
6: number of copies of Revelation I bought (guess what's for Christmas!)

Now why do I do this????? Because I do whatever Mark tells me to do ..... ;)


Voice On The Wind said...

37 shows to my 1. haha. At least I have that one! :0)
God Bless Wendy!