Monday, November 10, 2008

Thing to do #18

I posted some on this subject earlier but wanted to post that I had actually finised it. I wanted to replace the kitchen floor. When we moved into our house in 1995 the kitchen had carpet in it. Yeah...I don't understand it either. A few years later we replaced it with laminate tile (cheap). We decided to finally do something nice and permanent. We decided to replace the kitchen floor and the dining room floor. The dining room floor was hard woods. I hated to tear up the floor but we decided to make the room look like one big room which required replacing the entire floor. When we ripped up the tile and the linoleum (ugliest stuff I ever saw but I forgot to take a picture of it) we found hard wood. Why would you ever cover over your hard wood floor with ugly? I bet this house was beautiful when it was first built. The man who lived here was a carpenter and built this house himself. I thought about trying to keep the hard wood but realized it would be way too much work to try to get the junk off the wood to make it look good again. The floor looks really nice and I'm going to enjoy it. It should be easy to clean. Here are the pictures.