Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting closer

Well today I transfer the food from the old fridge to the "new" fridge. We will move the old one out tomorrow and have our living room back! Still painting the cabinet doors (they take forever!)Afterwards we can put the hardware on and put them bad boys up. I have to finish painting the two new floor cabinets and then we can put all the food away. Slowly but surely this will come together. I just might have room in the living room for a Christmas tree....not really sure if we are going to even bother with it this year though.

Pictures will be forthcoming soon.

The next stop the remodeling train is the sunroom. We have moved the bench back into it's rightful place. We have put the "new" cabinet in...I'm not sure what that thing is...I think it is a sink cabinet. We got it free when we bought the fridge. I'm not putting a sink in it so we had the extra countertop (you have to buy the entire length even if you don't need it!) cut to fit the top. I need to clean it and get the rust off of it. I'm going to like it out there...somewhere to put my laundry stuff and my extras (you know when you get a good deal on paper towels or toilet paper and have no where to put I do). We have to paint the room still but the entire room (trim and walls) will be white so that isn't such a big deal. We've been looking for window treatments. We bought shades and have decided against it so now we are on the hunt again. I really dislike looking for stuff like that so I'm just kinda not caring at all.

After that I will clean out the bedrooms and the attic. I plan to have a HUGE yard sale in the spring. I'm getting rid of as much as I can! When that is finished I can get the house ready to paint the rest of it. I'm NOT painting the other rooms. I am going to start saving my money and someone else is going to come in and paint my house. You see all of the rooms need to be repainted. That is just not something I plan to deal with again.

My scrapbook room might be the only room I tackle just because I really want it finished NOW! We are getting the bunk bed out of there tomorrow and giving it to my brother. We have found a day bed for $50 that we are getting on Friday. I haven't decided if I want to paint the walls blue or white again and just dress up the walls. I can't wait to get that room like I want it. I bought a computer desk also to go in there. I NEED a place to put my laptop and our bills and such. Right now they are in a cardboard box beside my bed. It is driving me crazy! I hate sitting on the bed doing the bills and typing on the laptop (like right now). It is a major pain right now to print anything off the computer so I need a real place!

So much to do.......God give me patience!!!

Thanks for reading. Have a great day and if you are traveling to visit careful!


Voice On The Wind said...

You have a Scrapbook room!!!!! AWESOME!
I didnt know you Scrapped!
I get bored doing pages and most of my stuff is off the page stuff. Check out my archives on here.
Last year I made a gift Scrapbook for each of the 3D guys. Nigel gave it to them on December 7th which happened to also be my 30th birthday. The books were a celebration of their time in Oz and each book was personalised for each member. Thank God they were a hit. haha.
Its so much fun doing things on the quiet.
Bless ya and I hope you have fun renovating. The idea is usually nicer than the reality.