Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Change of plans

I had planned to paint and run a few errands today. Well about 9am I get a phone call from work. I was given the day off because they owed me my Veteran's day holiday. Well, I had to go to work because my interview was today.

Let me explain. Every 4 years I have to be reappointed to my job as a Magistrate. The Clerk of Court interviews us and decides if she will nominate us. Then the Resident Superior Court Judge decides who to appoint. I've been a Magistrate for almost 8 years so pray I continue being one!

But...all that messed up my day. Now I'm going to start painting. We still need to finish the door trim and the door. Then I have to start painitng the Sunroom. (No it NEVER ends!)

Oh...and it's snowing....interesting day.

Have a great one!


Voice On The Wind said...

I assume the day has been and gone, since I live in Oz and the time difference and all.
How do you think it all went.
I am praying and hoping all went ok.
And snowing...geewiz. It is super humid and hot down here.

SirMax said...

I think it went well. Our Clerk is very easy to talk to and it was more of a talk session than an interview. I'm not worried about being reappointed but it sure is nice to know (we find out the 2nd week of December).