Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm lacking in that area right now. I'm asking that whoever reads this blog would pray that Brian and I would have the patience needed to finish our remodeling. We started in July....JULY!!!! We were supposed to have our windows replaced and then paint the house. Well, Brian decided that he wanted to remodel the kitchen. That was fine but we have changed our minds several times with what we wanted. I changed his mind on things because of money (or lack there of ) and we planned to paint ourselves. The guys doing the remodeling took FOREVER to finish the windows. They were also supposed to do the trim work around the windows and the new doors they put in...that didn't really happen. Where they did do any work it looks AWFUL so we have had to redo the work. All we were going to do is paint once everything was done. We have now had to finish the trim ourselves and start painting. This of course has to happen when we get off work and on our days off. It is very frustrating.

Yesterday we finished the red wall in the kitchen. This has taken much longer than we hoped. Problems arose when we noticed a bubble in the paint. Brian tried to fix it and now it looks realy bad. We will probably have to sand and start over on that part. NOT HAPPY.

We just need to be appreciative of the fact that we have a house. Even if it is chaotic right now. We need to be patient with each other and not lash out.

Thanks for reading and praying. This too shall pass.