Friday, August 1, 2008

Thanks Traci

I just wanted to thank Traci for steering me in the direction of Steven James. He is an excellent writer. I have enjoyed all the books I've read of his so far. Right now I'm reading "Sailing Between the Stars" and wow...I love to read people that stretch my mind. Steven does this on every page. I'm quite jealous of Traci because she knows Steven and check this out... Steven's website. You can be a vicitm cool would that be? I hope Traci gets to be the victim ;).

Anyway...check him out. I'll be writing a review as soon as I'm finished the book.

There is a quote I will leave you with from the book.
"Love, just like life, always involves risk. ...... Part of the terror of daily life is the mystery of love's unchainged, unexplained power in our world. Because as we all know, the more you love, the more you'll be hurt when your lover betrays you. So when you think about it, God's heart must be the most wounded of all." (emphasis mine)

Think about that...God loves you more than you love yourself and much more than anyone else can or will love you. That also means that we breaks His heart the most...what an amazing Love He lavishes on us!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I turned you on to Steven James. He is such a gifted writer. I know what you mean by stretching your mind. Wow!
I have to correct you, Wendy. I don't know Steven. I've have exchanged some emails and he does live only a few miles away, but I've never met him face to face. I hope to some day. :)
Great excerpt you chose. That stuck with me, too. Next time we're together, I deem it an official SJ Readers Club meeting. Bring your notes, girl. We're doing some serious book-talkin'.
Love ya!

SirMax said...

Well you "know" him more than I do

I will bring my notes...I have lots of them!