Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the third day......

of each month we blog about Third Day. (actually I think I blog about them more often than once a month!)

So what to discuss this month?

(First off I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered cd from Music Today but that's another complaint for another day!)

Most people can point to a few events in their lives that change them or change their direction in life or just mean alot to them. When asked, events such as your wedding day, the day your child or children were born, a certain job you started, a promotion, the death of a loved one are what comes to mind. In my life one of those events would be when I became a Gomer. Yes that sounds very odd. What the heck is a Gomer? Most of you reading this already know but for those that don't read about it here.

Now alot has changed since I joined the ranks of Gomerdom but what makes this such a great event in my life? Well since 2002 when I joined I have traveled to South Carolina, all over North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Nevada, and California to see Third Day play. Now before you call me a stalker or a freak (well you may still think that afterwards) realize that I traveled mainly to see the wonderful people I have met by being a Gomer. Yes I truly enjoy seeing Third Day play in concert (I will be going to at least 5 shows this Fall) but it has become much more than a fun concert. Becoming a Gomer has been a tremendous blessing to me. I now have friends (REAL friends) all over this country and actually around the world. I talk to at least one of these friends daily in some manner. God has shown me just want the church is supposed to be by making my circle of friends spread past my own home town.

So what does this have to do with Third Day? God used the music of this amazing band to bring us all together. That was the common thread and now we are a huge family that gets together as often as possible wherever we can to fellowship and see a great show. We don't even have to go to a Third Day show anymore. That is just the icing on the cake now if we get to enjoy a show.

To the Gomers reading this blog...I love you dearly. Third Day brought us to the same boards but God did so much more. I look so forward to the next time I get see any of you!!!

So Third Day I thank you for giving me some of my best friends in this world!!!

Here are some pictures of me and my Gomer friends. (Some are quite old so I need new ones! ;))