Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Reading Club week ?

This week I finised this book.

I thanked Traci earlier for recommending Steven James. You should check him out. His style of writing is easy but mind stretching (does that make sense?). Steven makes you look at the ordinary in an unordinary way. I will read something he says and stop and think "you know I've never thought of that but he is right". He is very honest and allows us to enter into his mind and world. He isn't afraid to let us know that his idea of God was wrong growing up and how life has affected him and his beliefs.

My favorite quote in the entire book is this:
"I'm glad I don't serve a deity I can cram into my brain-sized understanding of the world. If I could, I would be more than human, and he would be less than God."
AMEN! There is so much about this world that amazes, depresses, and dumbfounds me so it is nice to just fall right into the arms of God who is totally in control!

Add this book to your "gotta read" pile!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed SAILING even more than STORY. What about you?
I love how Steven uses nature to bring our attention to things. God made everything for a purpose. Why are fish able to leap out of the water? Maybe to teach man a lesson...