Saturday, August 23, 2008

I need to get a prize or something

Well now my internet at my house doesn't work...yeah NOT very happy about that at all....paying for it and can't use it. So....after the conference today (I'll be posting on it soon...very very interesting!) I came to Panera Bread. Now I had to eat lunch of course and I LOVE Panera Bread and they have wi-fi. This way I don't miss a post for this month!

Let's still chaotic. The windows and doors should be finished by Tuesday. Then I can start painting the spare room and move all the furniture back into that room. I can get all the junk off of Scott's bed so he can sleep in it when he comes home next month. Then we have to start moving the furniture and appliances in the kitchen and sunroom so the new floor can be laid. We bought a "new" kitchen table (I'll get a picture and post it) and we are getting a 1950's fridge...matches the new theme of the kitchen. This house remodeling is crazy but exciting.

Now I'm headed to the mall just because I feel like it!

Hope all is well with those reading this...have a great Saturday!!!