Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gotta love 'em

So...we are remodeling the house. We are spending a pretty penny to do all this so did we need another expense???? Brian calls me last night at work to tell me this story:

B: I decided to take the kitchen table that Danny let us borrow back to him tonight. (Danny lives right next door to us). I put the table in the back of the truck but didn't tie it down since I wasn't going far. Well when I hit the brakes guess what happened?

W: The table went out the back of the truck bed?

B: No.

W: The table slid into the tail gate messing it up?

B: No

W: The table went through the back window of the truck?

B: Yes.

W: Are you okay?

B: Thanks for asking.'s that for great? Men...gotta love 'em (I think ;) )