Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nail guns and dogs

Don't mix....oh should have seen my dogs when the guys started using the nail guns. I couldn't find Rusty -he had squeezed himself behind the toilet! Lacy isn't usually afraid of anything but that nail gun did her in...she was shaking like a leaf and wouldn't come out from under the bed. I closed the bedroom door, turned on the radio and sat in the room with them. That seemed to help but I believe tomorrow I will taking them to my mom's house. They finished putting the bedroom windows in and tomorrow they start on the bay window for the living room. This is coming along quicker than I thought it would. I will be painting all weekend so that should be a blast ;).

Just to be hot is it where you are right now? It is 100 degrees today with 47% humidity...not too bad for August in NC!

Well gotta get ready for work. We had a shooting and car wreck involving 3 police officers yesterday. Hopefully today will be much calmer (I doubt it!)