Thursday, August 7, 2008

Class Reunion

Showing my age with this one. This year 20 years ago I graduated from high school. That just doesn't seem right at all. We will be having our reunion in October so alot of emails have been flying around to find people. I think it is cool how the internet makes it much easier to find people now. Can you imagine how difficult it probably was to find 300+ people (my graduating class had 325 I think) 20 years after the fact? We are all now on Myspace, Facebook, email or whatever. We have now congregated at It is fun to go there each day and see who has joined and who will be coming to the reunion. I'm looking forward to it. Have you had your reunion? If so, did you go and did you have a good time? If not, will you go? And will you drag your spouse to it? Brian didn't go to school with me but luckily he knows a few of the spouses that will be there (he went with me to my 10th year reunion and was BORED out of his mind). This time should be different. I'll be sure to show you all the pictures of people you don't know after the reunion!

Window day at my house: the attic is being worked on and then the sunroom. The sunroom will take about 3 days to do. I am currently at my mom's-I brought the dogs over to her house to get away from the noise. Poor things....when the guys drove up in the driveway they ran to the back bedroom and hid. Yeah...I knew I couldn't keep them at the house all day again. So...there's my life.

Have a great day guys!


Angela said...

Hello Wendy,

I went to my 5 year class reunion this spring. I can't believe it has been five years since i graduated high school, it seems crazy!

I never thought i would go to my five year either. Five year reunions are kind of lame because you really haven't lost touch of anyone, especially in as small of a graduating class as mine (66) in our technology laden society. A friend wanted to go and didn't want to face the preps alone, so I went. Amazingly, I had a good time! It was basically a big drinking party, but I was fairly happy to see my classmates and felt really confident. So, it was a good experience all in all.

I hope you and brian enjoy your 20th!

SirMax said...

I went to my 5th year was VERY lame! The 10th year was pretty good. I am expecting this one to rock!