Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saying you are wrong

Today's sermon was about saying we are wrong. We just don't do that do we? How many times have you been wrong but pride will not let you say it? How many relationships have been strained because you will not say you were wrong? The lesson came from Daniel chapter 4-King Nebuchadnezzer had a dream that bothered him. His dream was about a tree that was big, vibrant and gave shelter to all that came under the tree. Next scene-the tree is cut down and the roots are covered over so it will not return. Daniel tells the King that the tree is him (the King). Daniel tells the King that he must repent and then possibly his kingdom will not be snatched from him. A year later King Nebuchadnezzer is looking out at his kingdom and gives ALL credit to himself. God humbles the King by taking his kingdom and his mind. The King lives as a wild animal for 7 years until his turns his eyes to the Most High and acknowledges Who is in control.

Do you fall into the King's mind set? All you have is yours and by your hand? Do you not realize that God has given you ALL that you have (from the breath you breathe to your "stuff")? The question that the Pastor asked which stuck with me was this "What will God have to take away from you to get you to repent and say you are wrong?" Not only is that eye-opening it is scary. Our relationships here on earth would be so much better if we would just admit when we are wrong. How much better the relationship we should have with God will be when we approach Him and admit that we are wrong. I loved how Pastor Phillip ended the service. "You cannot come to God for salvation apart from admitting that you are wrong and repenting from your sins". This stops alot of people from coming. Those that read this I pray have come to this salvation. If you haven't why? God is patient and wants to forgive you for all. Just admit you are wrong-He is listening.

Have a great day!

And go USA (are you watching the Olympics?)