Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't make this stuff up

I'm sure you have read articles about the idiotic things people do. Well, I work in that environment. Unfortunately I hear and see how mean and ugly people can be to each other but some things are just funny. Two of those happened last night while I was working...thought I would share.

An officer is sitting at a red light. Two intoxicated males jump into traffic and run straight to the officer's car. They proceed to try to beat up the car. The officer calls for back-up and then gets out of his car to apprehend the two men. Traffic was stopped and civilians even helped out the officers. [Ever tried to beat up a car????]

There is a certain man who is tired of hearing the Fire Department trucks go by his house all the time. He lives a mile away from the station. protest this intrusion on his life he comes to the Public Saftey Center (which is where my office and the Sheriff's department is located). He thought he was at the local police department (he was not and realize that he is also intoxicated). His protest involved him burning a newspaper in the middle of the lobby. Nothing was harmed, man arrested problem solved. Now realize that this man is tired of the Fire trucks so he sets fire to something so the fire trucks will show up.....yeah....

This is what I deal is a shame that God gave us brains and we don't use them.

Hope your day is great and not filled with stupidity.