Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working on the to-do list items

There are 3 items that I've completed, about to start or about to attempt.

#34 Replace the windows in my house
We are about to embark on this daunting task. My mom (who rocks) is paying for the windows. Our house was built in the 1950's so insulation was not widely used therefore our house is very drafty. We have wanted to replace the windows since we moved in (13 years ago). Now we are going to do this- but here is the only house will be a wreck for weeks now. I HATE for my house to be a wreck but I am going to have the greatest attitude because I'm VERY excited about my new windows. Need to go take some pictures so I can show you the before and after!

#41 Attend Creation Northeast in PA
DONE! I will one day get the chance to type out my thougts and the few pictures I took. Just can't seem find the time!

#87 Don't stress out during VBS (I'm the co-director)
Been working this week on next week's VBS. I do alot of the work this week and just tell other people what to do next week. I usually am very stressed out though by the end of the week. I am going to try to keep that from happening this year. I'll let you know how I do!

Not much else to talk about...oh I bought the new Kutless cd...LIKING IT! I heard some of their new songs at Creation so I knew I would probably enjoy it. I really like Jon Micah-he is a great frontman. Go take a listen.