Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chris Sligh

I have an on-again off-again addiction to American Idol. I will watch it one season and then not watch it the next. The season (6) that Chris Sligh was a finalist I didn't watch. I saw him on some special singing with Amy Grant but didn't really pay attention then either. I was driving home from work and heard "Empty Me" by Chris and I was like "whoa....where did I miss this guy?". Bought his new cd and I'm very well pleased with the $10 I spent. He has an incredible voice and I love the fact that he writes his own music. I just really admire a singer that can write his own stuff. Just seems more genuine to me. My favorite song besides "Empty Me" is "Are you pleased".

Just read the lyrics:

Can you see through all these filthy rags
That I like to call my good
And see the mirror of my heart reflecting you
I know you listen to me, but what do you hear
Am I lovely to your ear?
All I want is to hear you say “well done”
Are you pleased with me?
Am I everything you want for me to be?
Are you pleased?
I know that I am nothing
Outside of who you are
And it’s you I should be striving to become
I know you’re watching over me, but what do
you see
Am I moving towards the grace that covers me?

Are you pleased with me?
Am I everything you want for me to be?
Am I drawing closer to you?
Is my heart deciding you are all I need?
Are you pleased?
Oh, I know I could never do enough on my own
But still you see me through the precious blood
Oh, it’s only the blood of Jesus…
All I want is to hear you say “well done”

Wow....what a beautiful song. Go check him out.


MindyHere said...

I always thought he had a great voice. May have to check him out.

ChrisSligh said...

Wow...thanks so much for the kind words!

I appreciate it..."Are You Pleased" is a favorite of mine, also...though I think my personal favorite from the album is "Potential" or "Loaded Gun".

Anyway, I appreciate you giving my music a chance and for then talking about it...there are a lot of great artists who you could choose to talk about...I don't take it for granted that you chose mine!

Chris Sligh