Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thing to do #5

I wanted to take a photography class but with my work schedule (I change shifts every 4 weeks) I can't commit to being in a class. Online classes to the rescue! I live near Wake Technical Community College and they offer lots of continuing education classes. Therefore, I looked and yep they have online photography classes. I was skeptical at first about how much I would learn by just reading lessons on the computer but I took the plunge. Glad I did. This class was very informative and worked well with my life. It was 6 weeks long but you have 8 weeks to finish the course. Lessons were posted on Wednesday and Friday with quizzes for each lesson. There were assignments to do although none were graded. The only grade was the final exam. I only missed one....was even bummed about that though! I will be using my new found knowledge and hopefully start taking some amazing pictures. Here my certificate....
(yes I have a last name ;) )


MindyHere said...

Congrats on completing #5! I'm working on my BA and all of the courses I'll be taking (after getting some of the little classes out of the way at my community college) will be online. I'm in the middle of my second online class now, and I love them!