Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Changing our lives

Everyone needs to change something in their lives to improve it. Whatever that might be...

Brian's doctor told him that he was a walking heart attack if he didn't change his lifestyle. So....we are now on the path to better health and nutrition. We are NOT on a diet because diets don't work. We are learning to change what we eat and how active we are each day. Brian is using a website called EveryDay Health (go here) to track his progress. He is doing great. He exercises daily and has been eating much better. I have never had a weight issue but I am going to support him in this and cut out things I don't need also (although I don't think I can totally give up my chocolate!)

So...what do you need to change in your life?


Silverose said...

Greg has had health problems for many years. He is up to heart attack #6 or 7 not sure which. In the last 3 years he has been in and out of the hospital and is on disability because of it. Changing you diet is the best thing to do and of course moderate exercises helps a lot. He is also on so much medication because of genetic issues those changes alone don't help. I'm glad to see that you are making changes now before it becomes and even larger issue. The greatest thing that keeps Greg going of course is his belief in God and the fact that he never gives up. Being strong in God and having hope are always key issues. There is also cutting out salt and eating correctly as you know. I know that God will take care of both of you!!