Monday, July 14, 2008

VBS madness begins

Our VBS starts tonight. I am one of the directors so I am already worn slam out. We really get started on VBS in January (yep you read that right). We go to the VBS training in Ridgecrest and come home all fired up. We have recruitement sessions and then we have training sessions between February and May. Our VBS is usually in June but we just had too much going on then so July it is....we spend the entire week before at the church making decorations and getting the administrative stuff (that is my job) done. I got home last night at 10pm. We transform our church into the theme of the year....we have some VERY talented people. This year we are headed to Outrigger Island to learn about God's unshakeable truths. I'll update you daily about what went on each night. Just pray the children have a great time and that they learn ALOT about Jesus. I'll make another post with pictures of the decorated rooms.