Friday, July 18, 2008

Our VBS kids ROCK!!!

Every year during VBS we collect an offering each night. Each year we pick a mission cause to give the money to and often we try to connect the theme of VBS with the mission. This year we decided to be a part of the India Project through the NC Baptist Men's mission organization. Since NC has been going through a drought this year we have all realized more so than normal how important water is to our lives. Pastor Thomas in India is in charge of getting clean water to the people of Bihar India. This website will tell you more about this village. We made this a church-wide project. We passed out water bottles and church members have been putting their spare change in the bottles for a month now. The VBS offering will be added to the amount collected.

Now to why the kids rock. It takes $700 to dig a well in the village. It takes $2800 to adopt the entire village. By adopting the village we will supply them with a well, literacy training, a bicycle for a church planter, 200 Bibles, hymnals, and a medical clinic in that village. This is our goal.

VBS kids usually collect about $250 a year. We have never broken the $300 barrier so we decided to challenge the kids. We told them if they raised at least $300 the four pastors would dance the hula wearing grass skirts and flower bras (with their shirts on ;)) on Family night (which is tonight). On Wednesday night we had collected $284.56. We were only $15.44 away from the goal. Well.....last night brought tears to my eyes. The kids just last night gave $623.55!!!!! For a grand total of $908.11. Okay I'm crying again now typing this .....God is so good. We just figured we would add about $300 to the offering this Sunday and help reach the $2800 goal. Our VBS kids bought the entire well all by themselves!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I do this every year because it is a stressful and long week. I spend more hours at church than home, my house is a wreck, I usually end up ill about something trivial and every year God shows up and smacks me and says "Let me use you and I'll show you great things that you can't do on your own"....

Our slideshow tonight (which I HAVE to get working on NOW) will feature John Waller's song "Something big" are the lyrics:

I wanna see something I've not seen
Something so big
I wanna be a part of something great
Greater than me

It's time to dream big dreams
To see Your vision
Become reality
‘Cause it’s for You, by You, those who
Love You wanna do

Something so big
It’s destined to fail without You, Lord
It’s gonna fail without You, Lord
Something so great
It takes a miracle to do
We, Your children
Wanna do something big for You

We, yes, we are gonna sing a brand new song
Something so strong
We will be the sound that wakes the dawn
Something so loud

It’s time for breaking through
‘Cause there are no limits
For he who holds the truth
When it’s for You, and by You, and those who
Love You wanna do

Something bigger, something greater
For the glory of Your splendor
Something bigger, something greater
Tell the story of Your wondrous love
Your wondrous love
Those who love You wanna do

As long as we live, let us do something so big for You

© 2005 New Spring (ASCAP) / John Waller Publishing (ASCAP). All rights on behalf of John Waller Publishing (ASCAP) administered by New
Spring (ASCAP).

I pray you do something big for God today!