Thursday, July 3, 2008

My favorite Third Day song

On the third day of each month there will now be a blog about Third Day (my favorite band)...why? Because Mark Lee said so.... :) Here are my marching orders.

This month I will tell you my favorite Third Day song. It is called "Give" off their cd "Time" which is still my favorite cd. Here are the lyrics:

You said all that follow You may find
Comfort and pain, blessings in hard times
Were I to leave, where else would I go?
The words of life and of truth You hold

All I want is love
I confess to this
I will take it, Lord
All You have to give

how great the love lavished on us all
that we can be the children of God

All I want is love
I confess to this
I will take it, Lord
All You have to give

Here is why this song is my favorite. In 1998 Brian and I started trying to have a baby. Well a year later there was still no baby. I was rather depressed and upset about it. I figured everything would work out and getting pregnant would be no issue. Not so.

Well Third Day's new cd "Time" came out that following year (1999). I loved the cd (still do!) but I remember like it was yesterday when "Give" touched my heart. I was washing my car and had the music playing. The song came on and it was as if God stopped the world and said to me "What do you really want in life? Do you have to have a child to be happy or do you need Me?" I realized then that what I needed most in my life was God's love and I already had it. Then the song says "I will take it Lord, all You have to give". I decided right then that I would take the life God gives me (child or no child) and be content with Him. That was almost 10 years ago. I still do not have a child (that I have given birth to...I claim my step-son as mine!)but I am very content. My life has been unbelievable and I am blessed beyond belief. I try to live my life according to what God asked me....all I need is Him. In fact that is also where I got the name for my blog "Taking all He gives".

I really want this song to be part of the set list (hint hint!). I did get to hear it on November 17 2006 in Columbia SC (read Mark's blog about it here).

I will upload the video once I get home and edit the post.


Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing about your Third Day love :o)

MindyHere said...

I love this song too - it's one of my favorites. I listen to it almost every day. ... "The words of life, and the truth you hold."