Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surviving VBS

I have been one of the directors of VBS for 9 years now. I have a great time doing but I have also been stressed to the limit some years. I do believe last night was the smoothest first night of VBS I've ever had...I'm learning! What I learned is to have all my stuff done before the first night (I do all the administrative/paperwork stuff [except registration]). I had all that finished. I have also learned to tell people to go find whoever is in charge of the particular area they have questioned about...I refuse to run around all night finding your answers...go to the source yourself. So, I enjoyed myself, walked around snapping hundreds of pictures and I'm not a tired as I usually am afterwards. I also handled a potential meltdown (on my part) situation with someone that was grating on my LAST (very last) nerve without actually melting down. You need to realize that is saying alot. I am a perfectionist and when you get in my way and question what I'm doing with your smart comments I'm likely to snap your head off very quickly. That is what was happening last night but I calmly found somewhere else for this person to help and that was that. I would show you pictures but our Children's Minister borrowed my SD cards to prints some of the pictures. I promise I will share.

My other "exciting" news is we are getting a new well house built today. Our old well finally rotted from the bottom up. Lots of new things in my house (windows, floors, paint the walls, curtains, shades, furniture)....loving it!

Hope your day is a great one!!!