Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We (Third Day fans or Gomers) have waited like FOREVER for this day to get here. I can't even remember when I held a new Third Day cd.....(well it was 2005...yeah Chronology I and II came out in 2007 but that wasn't new music). Today that will change (WHOO HOO!!!!)

Now of course the pre-order was a great idea because I have been listening to it since I pre-ordered it. I LOVED this idea. But today I will travel to Lifeway and get the 4 copies I have bought and I will get another in the mail (guess what my family is getting for Christmas?)

New cd...new tour...am I excited....Heck Freakin' Yes.....

I am going to the Music Builds tour shows in Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City. I am going to have a great time...seeing all my wonderful friends and a really amazing band.

So....for anyone that doesn't know about this now you do. Go to the nearest store and buy this cd. Enjoy!!!