Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Third Day comes to town....

Wendy is in attendance! (btw...if you read the Third Day Boards this is the very same entry so just proceed to the pictures below)

Just haven't seen Third Day enough this year (yes I'm SPOILED!). I looked forward to this show for months. I was not disappointed. Good friends, good show, good times!

RED- I've seen these guys 3 times before (with Day of Fire and at Creation Fest). I enjoy them alot. The twins Anthony (guitar) and Randy (bass) are really nice guys. I was glad I could get there in time to see them. I hate that the crowd is very sparse during their set but we had a good time.

JARS OF CLAY- I will preface this by saying I'm not a JOC fan. Just never got into them. I have to say that I enjoyed Flood (one of the 2 songs I like) but that's about it. I couldn't understand Dan much after that. Ali was singing right along so since I didn't know the words I was lost. I didn't have a bad time just ready to have 3D come on stage of course.

ROBERT RANDOLPH- I will have to say that he and his family band are very talented. I did enjoy watching them exchange instruments and play them. Other than that...not sure why they are on this line up. The crowd looked bored. I told Ali at one point that they seemed to playing to and for themselves instead of the crowd. I was waiting to hear them sing....still waiting. They said a few "having a good time", "stomp your feet", "clap your hands"....not much else. Robert has a beautiful smile though and I did enjoy when he came out to play during the encore.

SWITCHFOOT- I have been a fan of theirs since their first cd. Since they don't do the East Coast often, seeing them live had not happened until this year. Last night was the 3rd time I've seen them live....I like them more each time I see them play. I little birdie told me that at a recent show Jon tried to stand in someone's seat and that person wouldn't let them.:eek: So I made a sign that read "Jon you can stand here". He read it and smiled then during "Meant to Live" he took me up on my offer. He came and stood right on the rail in front of me. Doug (yes Karen's Doug) helped him stand up there. FUN FUN! The lighting was very interesting (not sure how my pics will be). One of the funniest thing that happened was just between me and my camera. I put my camera to my face (I don't like to use the LCD view finder often) and thought Jerome had hit himself in the face with his tamborine. I started laughing and he looked at me like I was crazy. It was funny to me at least. And "Dare you to Move" is one of my favorite songs ever so to see them play it live is just great.

THIRD DAY- I try to be objective but gosh I'm very biased. My issue with the show was not the band at all. It was the camera crew. I have a camera guy standing on a cargo box with his butt in front of me blocking my view of Mark. Then to my right I have 2 really tall camera men blocking my view of Mac. I spent $140 to sit in the front row ...I don't care if I spent $.02 I should not have to see the back in of a camera man. They finally left after the 3 song minimum but I was not very happy and kinda missed the 1st three songs. Now that's my rant. Onto the show. I was dead in front of Mark and I totally enjoyed seeing him rock out on stage. He was working his butt off. He is an amazing artist. I couldn't see David very well but I did see that he was singing BGV's. That made me smile!!! I was almost too far stage right to see Tai. I did try to pay attention when he would sing (I love to hear his voice). Now this was the fastest hour of my life. I looked at the clock (we could see the time remaining) and there was only 6 minutes left....I was quite sad. I enjoyed hearing the new songs and a few of the old. I really hate to complain about worship songs and I know that the majority of the crowd doesn't get to see Third Day as often as I do but....I wish they would change some of the worship songs. "King of Glory" is the best one they have ever done ....bring it back!!! "God of Wonders" grates on my nerves but the crowd always seems to like it so I perservere through it;) . I do like to hear "Thief" live because Mac just sounds so passionate in the song but it sure kills the rock show vibe. With that said I will still buy tickets and still sit and listen to whatever they play. I really enjoyed having Michael from RED come and sing with Mac on "Slow Down"....they complimented each other nicely. Can I say I miss "Come on back to me"!!!! So now the show is over and onto the....

ENCORE- Third Day didn't leave the stage they just added people! Robert Randolph came out to play on "Otherside"....very nice!!! Then JOC came out and they sang "I'll fly away". I actually like the version that they do of this song. It was fun to watch and of course we all sing along. Lastly SF came out and "When love comes to town" made my night. I TOTALLY enjoyed this one. What fun they all seemed to be having. Mac, Dan and Jon all singing together....worth the price of my ticket. And can I just say that I think Mac has the greatest voice on the planet and I would listen to him sing anything...when he sang this last song I had to just stop in awe and realize just how amazing his voice is...WOW....just WOW.

MEET AND GREET- That went really well too. About 50+ people there. The guys came in and were sent to their corners;). We walked around to each member. It was kinda crowded and might have made more sense to have the guys walk to us but I know they are tired and this worked fine. Mike (the guy in charge of WIRED) was very very nice. I look forward to seeing him again. We walked around and got autographs, pictures and such then lined up to take the group picture. I like this idea although I really didn't want a picture with the band with me standing in front of them like some statute. So I stood between David and Tai and what a cute picture (see below).

So....I went to the show with Roland, Karla and Ali. Rhonda met us later. It was great to see them as always and it was really nice to sit with Rhonda for a show (haven't done that in a LONG time). Looking forward to the next show in....DALLAS!!!!!

(adding the pictures here at work is taking forever!!! I'll get back to you go for now...LOTS more to come!)