Monday, September 29, 2008

Frequent flier miles week

This week is going to be very interesting.

Scott left Iraq yesterday to come home for a visit. He will get here by Friday (I hope). Never know when exactly he will land in Atlanta. It will be nice to see him.

Brian leaves today for Morocco. He and our pastor are going to establish ties with the Berber people in the mountains. We plan to go back there in the spring (I will be on that trip) and bring the news of a Savior to them. Should be exciting!

I leave for Texas on Thursday. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I bought tickets for this trip in the spring and I've looked forward to it ever since.....FRIENDS, THIRD DAY.....FUN FUN FUN!!!! Four shows in four days. I have lost my mind!!!

This week is going to rock. Just wish Scott wasn't coming home while we are gone but we will all be home next week together.

Keep checking in...I'll be updating my week/weekend. The house is on hold for now. We did get a few things done this weekend. The new counter top is in so that will be put in next week. I will start painting the kitchen and sunroom. Maybe we will be totally finished by November! Then I can start on the bathrooms! Yeah it never ends.

Have a great day!