Thursday, September 4, 2008


For the one or two people that care (if it is even that many) here is the remodeling progress.

Windows are in.
Sliding glass door is in.
Bay window is in.
Trim is pretty much done. Just a few touch up places that we will do when we paint.
Floor in sunroom has been removed.
Today the tile floor in the sunroom will be put down.

To do:
Remove kitchen floor. Replace floor.
Remove kitchen cabinets. Put in new cabinets.
Paint sunroom and kitchen.
Put everything back where it belongs.
Paint bedrooms.
Paint living room.
Replace bathroom floors.
Put in new sink in bathroom.
Buy shades/curtains for windows.
Save money to refinish hard wood floors next year.

This may be done by 2010!

Oh and I have been putting all the patio furniture and dog kennels up in the garage so the hurricanes will not throw them all over the yard. Gotta love hurricane season!


MindyHere said...

Sounds like it's coming together! The to-do list is getting marked off each time you blog, it seems. PTL!

socompletely said...

Can't wait to see your place once the remodeling is done! Less than two weeks now until I get to hug you!!!