Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Third Day Live

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Well I haven't seen the Music Builds tour YET (16 more days and I'll tell you how very cool the show was!) and the Third Day LIVE tour isn't coming near me in the Fall (what's up with that???) so I'll venture into my past and talk about the last Third Day LIVE tour I went to....

Greensboro 2004
I went to this show with Sarah (I sure miss her). She had meet and greet passes which were VERY hard to come by back then. She told me that we were going to meet the band about a month before the show. I was more than excited about this because neither of us had personally met the band yet. We arrived several hours ahead of schedule because the seats were GA and of course we planned on being right up front. Staked out our spots and got where we wanted to be. The meet and greet was before the show so we headed out to get in line for that (we had some really great friends with us to save our spots). We were taken backstage and told how the M&G would work. We were taken back about 20 minutes later than scheduled so Jenn (at the time she was not the tour manager) told us that we could get anything signed we wanted but there would not be enough time for pictures. I told Sarah that I just might get kicked out b/c I planned on taking a picture! Well the band shows up and stands behind a table to meet, greet and sign. Warren Barfield and Toby Mac were there too but we missed Warren (he had to leave to get ready to swing).

The line went quickly but it was nice. I remember Sarah telling Mark Lee who she was on the message boards and he responded with "I've seen you on there alot". Then she told him that I was SirMax and Mark said "I've seen your name too" (yeah I thought that was mighty cool). Sarah had gift bags for the guys and Tai started playing with the stuff in the bags. I told David Carr that Ali Jacbos said hello (that started a long history of telling David that Ali said hey!) Brad was soooo very nice (can I say I really miss him!). We had a nice meet and greet (although I remember asking Mac if I could shake his hand which now seems so very dumb).

Now back to the show. Great show as usual. Fun show too. During "Come Together" Mac asks if anyone would like to sing with the band. Well figuring that 4000 hands would go up I raised my hand. Mac picked a guy from the middle and then pointed to me. Yep I jumped over the railing (with the help of Brittany's knee) and got right up on stage. I'm so glad Mac had the guy sing the first part because my brain drained of any knowledge of the words when the song started. Then I sang my part...what a fun night. I got to figuring later and realize that I was the first Gomer to sing on stage (this show was the 4th in the tour and the other 3 shows Mac didn't have people on stage). Mac carried this tradition through the Fall tour also. LIVE memory is a great one now to some pictures.

Yes I am aware that I'm sticking my tongue out at Mac...don't ask me...I don't know...


jamescochran said...

That is a terrific story. We saw them a few weeks ago and now you can buy a membership and meet up with them that night. Too bad we don't have an extra $100 or I might have signed up. Have fun at Music Builds. It was a blast!

marmoo68 said...

Hi Wendy. Loved your blog. Great pics too! So how did you manage a few pics since pics were not allowed? LOL! I can't believe it has been over a year now since I met you in Charlottesville last August. I am still waiting patiently for those band stories. I will keep my fingers crossed for the Spring Tour! Take care til then. Blessings! Mary-Marmoo68

SirMax said...

Never underestimate a determined woman! The only picture I got with a band member is the picture I posted of Brad. He was too sweet. I told him I really wanted a picture and he said "well go ahead"...miss that guy!

Hope to see you soon too!!!