Friday, September 5, 2008

Stressed out

Unlike most people I know I do not stress out much. I tend to take life as it comes at me and I think I deal with it quite well. This past month has not been the case. I don't want to keep complaining in my blog but I figure this is where I tell the world what's going on in my life so it is what it is.....I do realize life could be ALOT worse. I told myself that over and over today. The remodeling of the house has taken on a life of it's own. I am VERY VERY grateful to my mom for replacing our windows (her gift to us). I am looking forward to a new kitchen and painting my house so it will look really nice. I don't enjoy the chaos around me and the dent in my finances that I wasn't planning on spending right now. I am a saver by nature and spending large amounts of money freaks me out. Yeah I'm freaking right about now. And then little things creep in such as the truck window that had to be replaced, my dog needs her rabies shot, my car needs the oil changed and today I went to take a shower and we have no hot water. I'm praying that it is nothing major but that will be determined tomorrow. So....I'm just a little out of sorts right now.

Most importantly (and this is where I ask for your prayers)Brian is sick. We believe he was bite by a tick and has Lyme disease. He has all the symptoms but the doctor couldn't see him today. The doctor did give him antibotics to start today and Monday he will go in to be sure. He has chills, fatigue and joint pain. I hate seeing him in pain and with all the other stuff right now it is wearing on us both. Just pray he gets well soon. Thanks.

Now it is time to go to work (the most chaotic part of my life!) and drive through the nasty weather that Hanna is bringing us.

Before you all think that I am a whiny human I do realize God is still in control and He has me tucked away in His loving arms....that's why I don't fall slam apart when times are stressful.

Have a great weekend everyone!


kodiacbear said...

Hey Wendy, Yes God is carrying you right now and it is all in His plan--somehow. Brian will be okay, trust in that. Bob just finished the antibiotics too. Nasty stuff but it works. I love you guys and stay safe.

Ashleigh said...

Sorry to hear that things have been so crazy!! Can't wait to see your house once everything is finished.....sounds exciting and beautiful. Will be praying for you and Brian. Hope the antibiotics work quickly. Love you!

MindyHere said...

I'll be praying for Brian. The good thing is that you caught it right away. My hubby's cousin got lymes and had it full blown. The antibiotics cleared it up and now she's free. I pray that Brian has the same results.

SirMax said...

Thanks for the prayers! Brian is getting better and the rash is almost cleared up.