Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remodeling "heaven"

Not really heaven...more like chaotic prison. I'm so tired of walking around boxes and trying to find things I need! But this too shall pass and we will have a nice kitchen.

We put up the new ceiling in the kitchen and painted it this week. I took all the hardward off of the cabinets (which took ALL day) and I've primed all of them. The molding is up around the room again. Now we need to caulk around the molding and start painting the walls. I have to paint the cabinets, walls (kitchen and sunroom) and doors/trim. Then after that is done we can put the new cabinets on the wall (we bought cabinets for one wall and kept the old cabinets on the other 2 walls).

Not much more will happen for about 2 weeks though. I have to work the next 2 days. Brian leaves for Morocco on Monday. I leave for Texas next Thursday. Scott is coming home from Iraq next week for leave (yep we are going to miss him for the first week!). Then we are going to spend time with Scott when we get home....sooooo....I'll have to live among this chaos for about another month (Lord give me patience!)

This is the new floor in my Sunroom

Here is my new ceiling and one of the new lights we installed
I was kinda sad when we tore out the hardwood floor
The beginning of the new kitchen floor
Finished product
This is how I feel most of the time right now. :)


Retro Jen said...

Your floor looks wonderful! Isn't it amazing what a difference that makes? I too agonized over ruining the original hardwood floors by laying a subfloor over them, but since we have a few other rooms in our house where we saved the hardwood, I think we made the right decision. Have you finished your cabinets yet?