Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well I ran across NaBloPoMo while reading other people's 101 list here. There is absolutely no way I could ever do NaNoWriMo like Traci did (btw Traci rocks!). But I think I might could possible do this. I thought about what I could write about for a month and I have figured it out. Now I plan to start this in July. I am going to join and look around until then. The reason I picked July is because I will be going to PA in June and will not have internet access for a week. Looking forward to doing this....come join me!


Traci said...

You're good for my ego, Wendy. ;)

Yes, posting every day for one month is on my Mission 101 list. In many ways, it is a more daunting task than NaNoWriMo. Thirty original posts?!? In a row?!?!

SirMax said...

Yeah that's why I'm starting in July. Gotta figure out my posts now ;)

I'll practice until then.