Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites - Favorite places I want to go

I'm following directions (see my link).[okay I can't get the backlink thing to work so go here and see Mark's Friday favorites....I'll figure all this out eventually]

Where is Waldo? Well more like where is Wendy? I've not traveled out of the country alot (I've been to Sri Lanka and Israel). I thought I would tell you where in this whole wide world I would love to travel to so I guess they could be called my favorite places.

I want to travel to Greece.

I really don't know why Greece has always fascinated me but it has and I want to go! I have a "Greece Jar" at home. At the end of every day we put our loose change in the jar. When it gets full Brian told me he would take me to Greece. It's a huge water jug actually. I've measured is 38 inches high and we are currently at 19 inches. I WILL get there though.

Next I want to go to Egypt.

I have always been interested in Egyptian history. I have watched all of the History Channel and National Geographic Channel shows on Egypt about 10 times each (my husband always rolls his eyes when I watch another one). Not sure if this trip will ever happen though. I have no real plans to get there but would jump at the chance to go.

Soooo....where in the world is your favorite place (that you have not been to yet)?