Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do me a favor

When you get a moment pray for Scott. He is my stepson and is currently in Iraq. Of course please pray for safety but today we talked to him and his is having back trouble. He had back pain in the past and it's back. Here is the email sent out by Beth (Scott's mom).

Just thought I would send a prayer request. I spoke with Scott today. He seemed tired. He said his back is hurting again. The left side from about his hip down to his knee. The PA said she thought it was pinched nerve in his back. They gave him something for pain and a NSAID. I couldn't tell if he is taking the pain reliever or not--he doesn't like medicines. They gave him a one use ice pack and said it could be reused, but they don't have enough electricity to keep it cold where he is.

Please pray for pain relief, healing and health.


Beth Ann
Proud Army Mom and Blue Star Mother

Here is me and Scott. Thanks!