Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a great day

This day started pretty lazy-we slept in and had brunch about 10am. We were headed to a village for worship at 1:30pm. We arrived to a warm welcome and great music. Some we even recognized. My favorite part was singing "How Great is our God"-what a heavenly sound to hear more than one language being sang to the King!!! That was worth my plane ticket!!!! Afterwards we played soccer with them for awhile. We headed back to New Life to worship with the sweet people we have been with all week.

And of course right before worship here we had the blessing of seeing and speaking to all of you at Quest!!!!! That was wonderful!!!! We were so excited about seeing all of you!!! Thank you for praying for us! How amazing is God that technology allows us to communicate a world away.

Worship here at New Life Church was wonderful. The praise band ROCKED!!!! My favorite part of praising was singing "Mighty to Save" and while singing we were asked to sing in English by was sweet! Brian's message was "People get ready Jesus is coming" -we never know the day or time He is returning nor the day and time of when we will die. Tonight there are 3 more people going to Heaven-2 new brothers and one sister....HALLELUJAH!

After service we hung out and the party began!!! We danced and visited with the people. Good times!!!

Tomorrow we head back to Hungary bright and early. Long day of travel.
Praise and Prayers:
New brothers and sister in Christ!!
Good times with wonderful people.
Safe travels and safe travels to come.
No problems crossing over the border back into Hungary.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hodge podge

After our VBS adventure we rested for awhile. The girls played with the local kids in the village. Dr. Dave had a rabies clinic which had a few dogs at first and then the word got out and we had over 40 dogs (and one angry cat). A few "operations" took place too. It was a good afternoon.

Today and yesterday we also did a few construction projects and cleaned out a few supply closets.

The food has been very good. We are being spoiled by the Roma ladies cooking for us!!

This morning the men had a breakfast and men's ministry training with the local pastors. About 20 men were in attendance.

Three of our sweet interpretors.

A good time is being had by all.

Tomorrow we worship in a village with the Roma people in the morning and then we worship here at New Life church in the evening. We then pack up to head back to Hungary on Monday.

Pray for:
Continued safety and health-no one has been hurt or sick!
The team is getting along great-we actually like each other (LOL!)
Eyes and hearts and minds will be open to hearing God's word tomorrow.

Thank you for the prayers-I know they are working!!!