Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready set go....

Well we are packed and ready to leave. Our flight is scheduled to leave RDU at 1:09pm and arrive at JFK then leave at 7:40p (nice LOOOONNNNGGGG layover) for Budapest. We should arrive in Budapest at 10:50am (Hungary is 6 hours ahead of us so that's 4:50pm our time EST). After getting our luggage (which WILL arrive...speaking that problems will be encountered!) we will head to the Ukraine. Our ride will be about 6 hours-has anyone been keeping up with the hours of travel yet? Hint: 2 hour flight to New York, 5 hour layover, 9 hour flight, 6 hour ride = REALLY TIRED PEOPLE!!!! [22 hours]

We will arrive in Munkacs, Ukraine very early on Wednesday June 22 (my birthday btw....what a cool way to spend my birthday huh?). Munkacs is 7 hours ahead of us. Wednesday will be a day of adjusting and getting familiar with our surroundings.

We will update you daily once we get there. Please pray for:
*safe travels
*health (no sick stomachs!)
*patience and flexibility
*luggage arriving on time
*our families back in the US
*the sweet souls we will meet
*that ALL we meet will see Jesus in us and surrender themselves to Him

Thank you for ALL your love, support, prayers, thoughts, money, and just being the Church. God is SOOOOO good and thank Him for allowing you to be a part of His master plan!