Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy Chaos

Today was game on....we were expecting lots of children from the near by village-we were right. About 200 children came singing down the street to spend the morning with us. We had planned for them sports, Bible stories, face painting, music and crafts. It was what I've decided to call "holy chaos". The children were excited and ready to have a good time.

We fed them a light snack to start the morning and then we began the day. Much like a typical VBS back home we had each set of children for about 20 minutes to love on and play with and tell them about Jesus. The laughter and smiles were priceless. Just to take a second and realize that Jesus loves each one of these children and that He died for them is almost overwhelming. I will speak for myself and say that I have limits to my patience and my willingness to deal with people at times. Now give me 25 kids at one time, speaking a language I don't know, and it's hot and I'm tired and well the end result can be a mess-it is times like that when I stop to think just how patient God is with me....ever been there? The day turned out well. The kids had a great day, we survived it (LOL) and I truly believe God was glorified by it all. He loves us-we should love others....that's all we did today.

Just a few pictures to show our day (fyi:these pictures are just of what I got to take-much more was done and others have many to share later)

Our afternoon was spent relaxing and/or getting ready for tomorrow's round of VBS.

Our team split in half to visit 2 villages during the evening. One team went to a village and worshiped with believers at their local church. The other team traveled to a village and worshiped with believers at one of the homes. What a special blessing it is to worship with other believers. Just a taste of Heaven! And once again the angels rejoiced because we now have 2 new sisters add to the family of God!!

On the way to the village I traveled to we got caught in a rain storm. Once the rain stopped the sun shone bright and we were once again blessed with this.....

I just LOVE a rainbow.....

So continue to pray for us and for all those we get to love on this week.
Pray for:
Good weather for VBS
Logistics to work with 200+ kids
Safety for us (no one has been hurt-let's keep it that way)

Thank you for reading (comment please...we like them!!) and thank you for praying for us. We miss you all and will be home soon.

Remember...GOD IS GOOD.....ALL THE TIME!!!!