Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All safe and accounted for

We have arrived at New Life Gypsy Church in Munkacs Ukraine!!

Our flights from RDU to JFK to Budapest were pleasant with no issues and all our luggage arrived -thank You Lord!

We arrived in Budapest at 10:45am (4:30am EST)-I had the times wrong on the previous blog entry-sorry. We stopped and ate at McDonald's then headed out. We arrived here at the church at 6:30pm. We passed through beautiful countryside and quaint villages. It took an hour and a half to cross the borders from Hungary to Ukraine-which we are told is good timing. As we were driving we encountered the cows which we traveling with us to....

We arrived to smiles and hugs and sweet hospitality. We unpacked and then ate dinner. Dinner was yummy-chicken, rice, vegetables and ice cream!!

We are 6 hours ahead of all of you. We are tired but happy. Tomorrow is a day of acclimating to our surroundings and gearing up for the wonderful days ahead of us.

Please keep us in prayer. He has already opened doors and made this trip as best as it can be so far. Pray that all the people we get to love on will see Jesus-He who loves them the most! Pray for continued good health and patience and for us to move out of the way and let God do His thing!!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!


Natalie said...

Hi Wendy, Glad you guys made it with no issues. Tell Dave all is fine here. I'm reading your blog daily & sharing it with the clinic.

Natalie said...

Glad you guys are there safely!! Tell Dave all is well here.