Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thing to Do #16

Well I finally read the Bible in a year! I read through the Chronological Bible.

Not gonna lie here...I fell behind a few times so I didn't actually read it daily but I caught and finished today. Brian asked me if I actually learned anything or did I just read it to say I do so. Hmmm...both. There were days that I was just reading to read but God opened my eyes quite often to things I hadn't seen or read before. I like the Old Testament being in order because the prophets were mingled with the kings and all the history made sense.

Now I want to read through The Message in a year. We will see if it happens.

Time well spent though.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


May you realize that God became a man. He came in the form of a baby to live as we do. He came to bridge the gap between us and Him. He came so that we could be saved from our destination which is Hell. His name is Jesus. May you realize He came to save you and may you surrender your life to Him.

Immanuel God with us has come!!!

"For a child is born to us a son is given to us and the government will rest on his shoulders. These will be his royal titles WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, MIGHTY GOD, EVERLASTING FATHER, PRINCE OF PEACE" Isaiah 9:6

visit Tim Bott's Inkwell Greetings to see more of his works.



No I didn't misspell anything...that is the gift we got in the mail this week from Brian's Tante Irene. Brian is of Indonesian-Dutch descent so he has really really good dishes that he grow up on and I get to enjoy sometimes now too. This cake is a layer cake (about 15...I really couldn't figure it out) and delicious. The interesting thing about the package was this: the return address was from CA and we didn't know the person. Brian opened the package and there was food in it. Food from someone we don't know...we weren't going to eat it! Brian talked to his aunt and she told us that she sent it to us. This cake is labor intensive so she had someone make it for us. It is wonderful! Here it is....

I will be enjoying this cake for days!

Monday, December 22, 2008


For those of you reading...I got the official word today that I have been reappointed so I have a job for another 4 years. Thank you Lord!

Brian's transfer papers went to the Colonel today so we will find out about that soon also.

We put knobs on the cabinets in the kitchen but it turned COLD today so nothing else got done.

I start midnight shift tonight and I'm hoping that everyone just stays home and behaves!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello everyone! Just posting to post. Life is what it is right now. Been going to work, fixing the kitchen, and NOT shopping!

Work is going fine. Busy as usual. Waiting to see if I get reappointed for another 4 years (we find out on Monday). I don't expect any surprises but it's nice to know if you have a job or not. I'll let you know.

Brian is looking to change is duty assignment with the Highway Patrol. Lots of reasons why but it has to be approved by the Colonel. I'll let you know about that too.

The kitchen is about done. We have to put the veneer siding on the 2 more cabinets and paint them. Then we have to put the door knobs on the doors and we will be FINISHED!!!! Right now my kitchen is the neatest and cleanest room in the house which is quite comical. I am constantly walking in there to straighten something. I guess when you remodel or have something new you obsess over having it neat.

We will start on another room shortly. Not sure which one. The sunroom needs to be painted but it's cold right now. We don't heat that room so I really don't want to be stuck out there painting in the cold. The living room needs to be repainted so I guess we will clean that one out and start on it. Joys of home ownership.

The spare room will probably not even take shape until the summer. Kinda bummed about it because I want a scrapbook room and that room was supposed to be the first one I worked on. I've already bought all the stuff to decorate it but it will happen.

Scott's comment! ;)

Our bedroom needs to be repainted too but what a job that will be!!! The ceiling is semi-cathedral so that has to be painted too...might have to hire someone for that job.

Need to stain the deck and repaint the front you see that this will not end anytime soon???

Shopping...not doing any. I've bought one gift for my mom. We have spent a fortune in our house so we need nothing. I don't have much else to buy other people. So if you don't get a gift it is not because I don't like you because I's because I'm broke and lazy!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

checking in

Well not much is going on right now really. Brian and I went to Myrtle Beach this past weekend. His Highway Patrol unit had their Christmas party there. We had a nice time shopping (well looking I only bought one thing). The dinner was nice because I had filet and lobster. It just cost us more money than we needed to spend right now. The unit Brian is with is spread out across the state so the families don't know each other the way the district does. So every year we travel somewhere (last year was Asheville) to spend the night and eat dinner with people we don't really know. Just a waste to me.

This weekend we are going to Boone. We are headed to Samaritan's Purse to help with Operation Christmas Child. I believe this will be the 5 or 6th year we've done it. What a great time we have helping out with the shoe boxes. I head up the trip and usually have about 20 people from church come. It is a great time.

We are still plugging away at the house. It's hard to get motivated when the weather is cold though. We are still doing things in the kitchen. Need to finish painting the cabinet doors and putting them up. We have some up but no hardware on them yet. I replaced the faucet AGAIN today. We've replaced it 4 times now (each one has leaked)...not happy about it at all! I've been painting today too since it's 70 degress today.

The remodeling has required me to not decorate for Christmas this year. I'm pretty bummed about it. I LOVE to decorate my house for Christmas. I decorate the entire house. We have a small plastic tree on the kitchen table and that's it. We haven't bought any gifts and aren't going to. No one in my family needs anything. We have told them not to get us a thing. We are buying a goat through World Vision instead. This Christmas might just be the best yet since we aren't stressing out about things.

Well, the paint should be dry enough for another coat now. Have a great day!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree Ban

At my great alma mater UNC-Chapel Hill the Christmas trees have been removed from the libraries due to complainants. Here is the story.

People complained about the Christian display. Maybe I'm an idiot but I never associated my Christmas tree with my Christain beliefs. The tradition actually has pagan origins. But that's not the issue I want to raise. I want to know why we as Christians allow everyone to quiet us. I'm not a tolerance supporter but isn't it interesting how we are to tolerate everyone but Christians?

We need to stop catering and stand up for our beliefs. Yes I know that UNC is a state supported university but that's not part of my argument. The big picture is that we as Christians need to be bold about our faith. Do not apologize for Who you believe in and don't compromise for the sake of not offending someone. Jesus offended alot of people not because He was rude but because He stood firm on His beliefs and convictions and called people out about their lack of faith.

This is the best time of year to tell people about Jesus. Although some people (ie...the people in the above mentioned article) do not wish to be told about Jesus other will listen. People's attitudes change and divine opportunities exist everywhere you look. There are two simple ways to do this during the Christmas season. If you send out Christmas cards send ones that tell others about Jesus. I love the Santa and funny ones as much as anyone but why not send out the best news and gift someone could receive. I've done this for years and I've been able to share Jesus with many of my friends, co-workers, and family because of the card. I've also gotten letters back from family members telling me to "not send out phantasmagoric literature to us please". They still get Jesus Christmas cards! The other simple thing you can do is to tell everyone you see "Merry Christmas". At many of the retail stores the employees are told to say "Happy Holidays" and not "Merry Christmas". Well, I can say whatever I want. I usually try to say it first and see how the cashier reacts. Some will say it right back and others will stop and think about what to say. It also usually brings a smile to the other person's face.

No matter how hard people try to take Jesus out of Christmas we should try harder to make sure we celebrate Him.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3rd

EDIT: Mark Lee did actually post a Third Day on the Third post so here ya go.

Now in the habit of posting about Third Day on the third day of the month. Mark Lee started this idea although he has yet to post today...must be tired from his trip to Hawaii!!!

Well this month I want to talk about one of the main reasons I admire and support Third Day. I've been blessed enough to afford to go to alot of shows in the past 10+ years I've been a fan of theirs. I've gotten to know the band members as more than just Rockstars. I've had conversations with them about life not just about a great show. The guys are very down to earth and I believe they sincerely walk the talk. They don't put themselves on a pedestal and come across as more spiritual than their fans. They are men, husbands, dads, brothers, uncles, sons, etc. just trying to follow their Jesus. This is what I admire the most about them. I was listening to one of the concerts on WIRED Radio and it always warms my heart to hear Mac pray. I know sometimes when I'm at the concert I want to just hear them sing and play songs. Oftentimes God "hits" me upside the head to tell me that I should be singing to Him. Yes I come to be entertain and I believe God has no issue with that but when it's time to stop and focus our minds and hearts to God then I need to stop thinking about the next song they will sing. Everyone at the show has issues and just to be able to stop and worship the ONE who can solve those issues is a blessing. I enjoy going to concerts in general and lately they have all been Christian artists. I don't necessarily think the band has to pray and say Jesus every 5 minutes but I've come to realize that it is very nice and comforting when Mac stops the music to acknowledge Jesus for who He really is...our Lord and Savior.

It isn't easy staying on track and I think one of the best ways the guys manage to do so is because of Nigel James. If you haven't met Nigel you are missing a blessing. He is an amazing man of God. Check out his blog and see all that God has Nigel involved in around the world. Read this article about The Man Behind Band.

Third Day has used their God-given talents to encourage and entertain me since 1995 (yes I've been a fan that long) and I look forward to the next decade!!! God bless guys!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa or No?

You should read Stacy's post...I think it's great. I don't have children (well mine is grown) so I don't really do the Santa thing but we sure did growing up. I had no issues. Keep it all in perspective and I think it's fine. So what say you?

Now for the greatest Christmas show ever. "A Year without Santa Claus" is my most favoritest (yes that's a word...well maybe not) Christmas show. Enjoy the video...sing aling if you know it!!!