Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa or No?

You should read Stacy's post...I think it's great. I don't have children (well mine is grown) so I don't really do the Santa thing but we sure did growing up. I had no issues. Keep it all in perspective and I think it's fine. So what say you?

Now for the greatest Christmas show ever. "A Year without Santa Claus" is my most favoritest (yes that's a word...well maybe not) Christmas show. Enjoy the video...sing aling if you know it!!!


Lorie said...

I vote YES on Santa! And I agree you have to keep it all in perspective!

Retro Jen said...

Finally! I get a chance to stop by and leave a comment about my Thanksgiving fiasco. No, I didn't get a name in after the Black Friday mess, but I feel fully reformed. No more of that craziness for me!

I love your ideas for buying a goat rather than giving everyone presents they don't need. Every year I feel rather discouraged by how nuts Christmas shopping has become. I try to give meaningful, personalized gifts from the photographs I take all year long, but that also takes tons of time that I am really short on this time of year. Oh well!