Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello everyone! Just posting to post. Life is what it is right now. Been going to work, fixing the kitchen, and NOT shopping!

Work is going fine. Busy as usual. Waiting to see if I get reappointed for another 4 years (we find out on Monday). I don't expect any surprises but it's nice to know if you have a job or not. I'll let you know.

Brian is looking to change is duty assignment with the Highway Patrol. Lots of reasons why but it has to be approved by the Colonel. I'll let you know about that too.

The kitchen is about done. We have to put the veneer siding on the 2 more cabinets and paint them. Then we have to put the door knobs on the doors and we will be FINISHED!!!! Right now my kitchen is the neatest and cleanest room in the house which is quite comical. I am constantly walking in there to straighten something. I guess when you remodel or have something new you obsess over having it neat.

We will start on another room shortly. Not sure which one. The sunroom needs to be painted but it's cold right now. We don't heat that room so I really don't want to be stuck out there painting in the cold. The living room needs to be repainted so I guess we will clean that one out and start on it. Joys of home ownership.

The spare room will probably not even take shape until the summer. Kinda bummed about it because I want a scrapbook room and that room was supposed to be the first one I worked on. I've already bought all the stuff to decorate it but it will happen.

Scott's comment! ;)

Our bedroom needs to be repainted too but what a job that will be!!! The ceiling is semi-cathedral so that has to be painted too...might have to hire someone for that job.

Need to stain the deck and repaint the front you see that this will not end anytime soon???

Shopping...not doing any. I've bought one gift for my mom. We have spent a fortune in our house so we need nothing. I don't have much else to buy other people. So if you don't get a gift it is not because I don't like you because I's because I'm broke and lazy!