Thursday, December 25, 2008


No I didn't misspell anything...that is the gift we got in the mail this week from Brian's Tante Irene. Brian is of Indonesian-Dutch descent so he has really really good dishes that he grow up on and I get to enjoy sometimes now too. This cake is a layer cake (about 15...I really couldn't figure it out) and delicious. The interesting thing about the package was this: the return address was from CA and we didn't know the person. Brian opened the package and there was food in it. Food from someone we don't know...we weren't going to eat it! Brian talked to his aunt and she told us that she sent it to us. This cake is labor intensive so she had someone make it for us. It is wonderful! Here it is....

I will be enjoying this cake for days!


kodiacbear said...

I am so jealous---let me tell you, I would have had him repack it and send it our way--glad you like it!